About (The Author)

Karen is a Las Vegas native who explored California, Texas, and Eastern Europe before making her home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of these United States. She enjoys wilderness and solitude as well as the hum of the city and laughter amongst friends. She believes that the world runs on Love and strives each day to help that love shine through. She once painted her nails a bright, springtime orange called “Tart Deco” while watching There Will Be Blood alone in the dark. She contains multitudes. She’s very glad you’re here.

About (The Blog)

This is a feminist travel comedy Christian food feelings blog with advice on dating, social anxiety, and gourmet hamburgers from someone who has none of those things figured out. In short, this blog is not “about” any one thing. No mission statement has been created. No research on branding or gaining followers has been done. There is no search engine optimization happening. This is just one of many attempts at connection and understanding in this big, beautiful, overwhelming, lonely, vibrant world.